Life around you

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Writers why come up with stories? Just look at the life around you.

At my work I am sitting next to a Christian man who goes to church and puts a cross on Dec 24th and is a very proper and a good man in all senses. He is married to a proper woman and they probably go to church together and he wishes for kids. In front of me sits a designer who is a tattoo artist and loves everything dark and with a skull on it. His everyday life revolves around Tinder he complains how tired he is from his fuck dates that don’t require him to go to the bars anymore, but women come over to his house and now he exclaims he needs to go on a sabbatical. Then there is a lesbian chic next to him, who is quite and conserved, but seems like a nice person who also loves girls and then there is me in the middle of it all, the one who observes and laughs at life. Ah women you are in such demand. Life, you are hilarious!  New York, New York!